Thurgood Marshall College Fund Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) programming is dedicated to preparing bright and talented students to become the next generation of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Our program provides opportunities for students at HBCUs and PBIs to enhance their skills, expand their networks, and receive feedback on their entrepreneurial goals and aspirations through programs and initiatives for students that complement their classroom learning.

With a mission to nurture the creative, tech, and business skills needed for success, I&E takes a holistic approach to innovation and entrepreneurship education. Participants are challenged to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, build ideas, and gain exposure to top corporations and business experts.

Since its inception as the Opportunity Funding Corporation's Innovation and Entrepreneurship program in 2000, TMCF I&E has been committed to producing a talented and diverse pipeline of future entrepreneurs. Our program's approach is focused on job creation, business sustainability, and promoting an entrepreneurial mindset that values curiosity, connections, and creating value.

Join us on our mission to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Whether you're looking to develop new skills, expand your network, or launch your own business, TMCF I&E is here to support you.

We’ve helped hundreds of students succeed in college and early career through our hard work and the assistance of our wonderful partners! These testimonials are a confirmation to our impact!
George Spencer
Chief Innovation & Growth Officer
Tamaria Kai Perry
Vice President of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Martin G. Martin II
Senior Program Director
Quinn Williams
Rishoba Mundrati
Program Director
Nyjal Drayton
Program Coordinator
Nina - Simone Beaver
Program Consultant
Justin Lewter
Talent Acquisition Consultant
Asia Roscoe
Project Consultant
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